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Void Knight Rework Concept - Direction #2 by Halfingr
Void Knight Rework Concept - Direction #2
A new direction for the whole Void Knight concept thing.  These are the following layers, from most inner to most outer:

-Light Robe (ties at hip)
-Boots [heavy optional]
-Heavy Sleeveless Robe (ties with the heavy silken belt and disc buckle)
-Hauberk Wrap [rank-based; not shown]
-Maille Shirt [optional]
-Silken Belt and Disc Buckle
-Shoulderplates [with Hauberk]
-Gloves [heavy optional]

-All Void Knights


-Light infantry

TABARD (not shown):
-Medium-High ranking members

REGULAR BOOTS (shown, but with armour plates on it):
-All Void Knights

-Battle-ready Knights

Other bells and whistles include the following:
-Heavy Sleeved Robe (replaces Heavy Sleeveless Robe; has longer sleeves, like on current player Void Knight armour)
-Scale-Maille shirt (replaces maille shirt; stronger than normal maille)
-Banded hauberk (replaces maille shirt and Hauberk; has banded articulated plates in place of maille; current example of the equivalent to this would be the Void Knight Champion)
-Upper Arm Plates (heavy armour that attach to the shoulderplates and strap to the upper arms)
-Hip Plates (attaches to belt; heavy shell-style plates that sit on hips that protect upper legs)
-Codplate (similar to hip plates; attaches to belt and hangs in front of crotch)
Runescape Fire Cape/s Rework Concept by Halfingr
Runescape Fire Cape/s Rework Concept
Reworked versions of the Runescape "Fire Cape" and "Enhanced Fire Cape".

Based on older designs.  The trim at the bottom MIGHT have some sort of "obsidian stitching".  Maybe.  I dunno.  I'm no artist.  ;)
m.Runescape Concept WIP (ANIMATED GIF)
A work-in-progress version of a "Mobile" Runescape website.

Lots of work to go; the HOME page is the only page in this version that's mostly unfinished, though.

Sizing testing tested on a Nokia Lumia 520.  It looks fine; the small text reads easily.

the "menu" icon in the top left is U+2261 from the Book Antiqua typeface.


Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United States
*insert thought-provoking quote here*

I'm not an artist. I'm a designer.

You know what I've seen a LOT of on deviantArt of late?

Pregnant cartoon animals.  LOTS of pregnant cartoon animals...especially My Little Pony characters, with lots of creepy blushing and stomach fondling.

Now my brain remembers pregnant Fluttershy.


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